This network was built to gather past Eagles, to provide a medium for us to support each other with our business endeavors, to engage and support the team, and to directly give back to where we came from.


About Us

We may not know each other yet, but we are already a family. This organization was started to create a stronger connection between former Eagles.

Join the Network

Members will have great opportunities to network, reconnect, purchase team-issued gear, and receive entry to our members only event (TBA).


We are always in search of both in-kind and cash donations to help build our network and cover necessary costs. The more we can save and raise, the more we can give!

The Eagle Football Network is a great way to say direct thanks to the program that gave me so much! Reconnecting with the personalities is a great benefit!
— Larry Beelaert
The potential the EFN has, not only in dollars donated to the team, but also in networking opportunities is astronomical. It can, and will, be the vehicle we need to make a positive impact on the football program.
— John Rice '10